Privacy Policy

Concussion Mitigation Technologies

Privacy Policy

Last Updated March 19, 2020

Information Collection

The Concussion Mitigation Technologies application collects personally identifiable information when the application is in use.  This includes device identifiers, network identifiers, account username/group, user’s name, and physical location.  It also includes all of the biometric and sensor measurements performed such as force impact, force location, temperature, humidity, and others that are displayed in the application.

Information Use

A device running the Concussion Mitigation Technologies application does not transfer the information collected to any party.  The information collected may be permanently deleted by deleting the application from the device.

Policy Updates

The Privacy Policy may be updated at any time.  The current policy is provided each time the application is installed or updated.  The Privacy Policy is available at

Analytics Data

Concussion Mitigation Technologies collects limited analytics data.  The analytics data collected includes the date the application is installed, the application version, and the operating system version being used.  No other analytics data is collected such as options used or functions used.


No ads are displayed while the application is in use.  No information collected is sent to any advertisers.


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